Dog Symptoms

Veterinarians Answer: 10 Main Symptoms To Watch For In Your Dog 
Symptoms: Recognition, Acknowledgement, And Denial 
When Is It An Emergency? 
Don't Panic, Don't Panic: Know What Your Job Is 
The Big Picture

Excessive Panting
Excessive Drinking 
Changes in Urination/Urinary Accidents 
Changes in Behavior
Bad Odor 
Excessive Drooling  
Teeth Chattering
What Can Your Dog's Gums And Tongue Tell You? 
Excessive Sneezing
Reverse Sneezing
Excessive Head Shaking 
Excessive Licking
Lumps and Bumps
Hair Loss
Unexplained Bruising
What Is That Limp? 
Shifting Lameness
Dry Nose
Nose Bleeds (Epistaxis)
Nasal Discharge
Head Tilt
Unexplained Weight Loss
Unexplained Weight Gain 
Sudden Weight Gain
Facial Swelling
Loss Of Appetite  
Excessive Hunger
Head Pressing
Drunken Gait, Ataxia
Fever (Pyrexia)
Cloudy Eyes
Bulging Eyes

Blood in Vomit
Worms in Vomit
Coffee Grounds in Vomit
What Happens in a Dog's Body with Severe Vomiting?

Straining to Poop/Difficulty Defecating
Mucus in the Stool
Blood in the Stool
Polka Dot Stool
Gastroenteritis is when ...  
What Would Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) Look Like?

What's In The Urine? (Part I: What You Can Notice On Your Own)
What's In The Urine? (Part II: Urinalysis)
Stinky Urine
Dark-colored/Brown Urine
Blood in urine

What’s in the Poop? (Part I - Consistency) 
What’s in the Poop? (Part II - Color) 
Fecal Analysis

One Vomit, No Vomit
Why Examine Your Dog's Vomit?
What's in the Vomit?

A Tale of Many Tails—and What Came Out From Underneath Stories from My Diary-rrhea (part I)
Acute Small Intestinal Diarrhea
Acute Large Intestinal Diarrhea (Acute Colitis)
Chronic Large Intestinal Diarrhea
Chronic Small Intestinal Diarrhea

Dog Medical Emergencies Survey
Dog Medical Emergencies Survey Results
Is Unproductive Retching an Emergency?
Is Difficulty Breathing an Emergency?
Is Panting an Emergency?
Is Severe Pain an Emergency?
Is Limping an Emergency?
Is Vomiting Bile in the Morning an Emergency?
Is Profuse Vomiting an Emergency?
Are Convulsions or Seizures an Emergency?
Is Loss of Appetite an Emergency?
Is Reduced Activity an Emergency?
Is Severe Lethargy an Emergency?
Is Inability to Stand an Emergency?
Is Inability to Urinate an Emergency?
Are Cuts and Abrasions an Emergency?
Is Bleeding an Emergency?
Is Blood in Vomit an Emergency?
Is Fresh Blood in Stool an Emergency?
Is Black, Tarry Stool an Emergency?
Are Pale Gums an Emergency?
Is an Unresponsive Dog an Emergency?
Is Coughing an Emergency?
Is Choking an Emergency?
Is Head Pressing and Emergency?
Are Bug Stings an Emergency?
Are Spider or Snake Bites an Emergency?
Are Animal Bites an Emergency?
Is Ingestion of Poison an Emergency?
Is Xylitol Ingestion an Emergency?
Is Ingestion of Grapes an Emergency?
Is Ingestion of Candy an Emergency?

Do you know what your dog is telling you about their health?

Learn how to detect and interpret the signs of a potential problem.

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Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is an award-winning guide to help you better understand what your dog is telling you about their health and how to best advocate for them. 

Learn how to see and how to think about changes in your dog’s appearance, habits, and behavior. Some signs that might not trigger your concern can be important indicators that your dog needs to see a veterinarian right away. Other symptoms, while hard to miss, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or limping, are easy to spot but can have a laundry list of potential causes, some of them serious or even life-threatening. 

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is a dog health advocacy guide 101. It covers a variety of common symptoms, including when each of them might be an emergency. 

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  1. my boxer/ bull massiff has been panting and walking around my house for roughly 3 hours now, I don't know what is wrong. could you please help me.

    1. Tracy, it's likely pain. That is about all one can discern from the information provided. You should try to talk to a vet.

  2. My dog is mix and he starts drooling and starts walking around like he's lost or something then he just stares at you !!! What's wrong with my dog?

    1. The best guess would be upset stomach. Nausea or pain, or both. If he keeps doing that, please see a vet.

  3. my dog keeps collapsing walking round in circles and holding head to one side what can i do to help

    1. Please see a vet. It is possible he's suffering from vestibular syndrome but it's also possible it something way more serious.

  4. my dog doesn't seem right...really can't explain it. She is only two and usually very energetic. Today she seems excessively tired and her mouth doesn't look right. Her tongue is sticking out just a little bit and she's never done that before. Could there be something wrong with her?

    1. Deep down you already know something isn't right. I would indeed see a vet to find out what is going on. For example, the time Cookie seemed excessively tired, it turned out she had pancreatitis.

  5. My 6 month old pup has been vomiting off and on and may have had a slight fever yesterday. She is still eating and very playful. Panting slightly.

    1. Vomiting consistently needs a veterinary evaluation. There can be parasites, there can be a foreign body (particularly with a young dog who likes to chew), there can be something systemic going on ... Please see a vet; don't wait until stops eating and/or becomes lethargic.

  6. We have a very old lady mix with beagle & terrier. She going blind she's drinking and eating excessively to the point of vomiting especially when she drinks water. Is it old age she's

    1. No, not old age; could be diabetes, though. Please see a vet for exam and basic lab work-up.

  7. My dog is a year old husky, I noticed bleeding on his nose but not much. just traces of blood on his feet and on the floor. Anything from that he has no problem. He did not have a trauma in t enose or anything. please help

    1. Bleeding ON the nose (as in lesion/wound on the skin) or FROM the nose? My concerns about nose bleeds would be a) foreign bodies (such as foxtails) b) infections c) clotting disorders ... cancer is often a suspect too but he seems too young for that.

      However, if it continues or repeats, please see a vet.

  8. I have a 3 year old Min Pin who has been dry coughing/heaving non stop for a few days now. It gets so bad he vomits in his mouth. When he gets excited and runs around it happens even more. I am starting to get more concerned that it is more than allergies. Could this be something more serious?

    1. I definitely don't think this is allergies. I'm concerned it's either an infection, trachea or larynx issue. Please see a vet.

  9. My dog suddenly went from normal to shivering,whimpering, turning away from me and my mom who he loves, one eye slightly squinted and is drooling. Did he just have a stroke. He is 14 year Chihuahua with what looks like cataracts.

    1. whatever it is it needs immediate medical attention. Please see a vet quickly.

  10. Hi my blade is a 7 months old Rottie and not desexed yet and since I have moved him outside instead of inside at night when summer came on he pants all the time. We do live in Australia and it has been hot lately. Do I just have a panting drooling dog on my hands??

    1. I believe strongly that dogs should be able to share our homes with us; not be stuck outside. The risks not only include heat or cold but also wild animals etc.

      She may be panting because it's hot. She may be panting and drooling because she's distressed. She could be doing that because she's ill.

  11. My 14 year old beagle died suddenly in my sons arms and I’m trying to understand why. I came home from work, she had a case of diarrhea. I was not very worried as I had fed her people food the day before. She acted normal, ate and drank normal, slept normal. The next day I came home from work and she was panting. Again, drinking and eating normal......not acting in pain or anything. Within 7 hours she woke us up with her breathe rattling in her chest, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and she was gone 10 minutes later before we could even get out of the driveway to get to the emergency vet. I don’t understand what happened; I keep racking myself over the coals for not taking her to the emergency vet hours earlier. My regular vet says she was old and fat and had a great life, but I can’t stop thinking I killed her by not reacting faster! My son couldn’t stand the thought of her being cut open so we opted not to have an autopsy. Do you have any clue what could have happened ? Thank you

    1. So sorry about your baby. Unfortunately, without a necropsy there is no telling what happened. An infection? A toxin? An organ failure? Unfortunately, you will never know if you're not doing a necropsy.


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