What Would You Do If It Was Your Dog: The Story of Blind Maximus


Five-years-old at the time
Neutered male

What Would You Do If It Was Your Dog: The Story of Blind Maximus

Maximus lost his left eye at a young age from an infected cat scratch. When he was five years old, his right eye got scratched by a different cat.

The vet who saw Maximus assured his mom that the little white dot in his only good eye was just a corneal scar and it was nothing to worry about. Maximus was sent home after getting a steroid shot.

That was supposed to solve it but the dot in Maximus' eye got bigger instead of smaller. Maximus got another shot but his eye kept getting worse.

What do you think was happening to Maximus' eye? Would you be satisfied with his treatment? What would you do if it was your dog?

Read Maximus' story to learn what happened.

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