What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Phoenix's Loss of Balance and Ability to Walk


Labrador Retriever
Fourteen-years-old at the time
Spayed male

What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Phoenix's Loss of Balance

Phoenix was a service dog and a great companion. But then scary things started to happen to Phoenix. On his way to be with everybody, he'd stop in the doorway, tremble and suddenly fall over. Even with help, Phoenix was unable to get up.

He couldn't even hold his head up. He was drooling and his eyes were twitching and darting from side to side. It looked very scary and Phoenix's parents were gravely concerned. They feared Phoenix might have had a stroke or something else over which they might lose him.

Phoenix had to be carried into the veterinarian's office.

What do you think was wrong with Phoenix? What would you do if it was your dog?

Read Phoenix's story here.

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