What Would You Do If It Was Your Dog: Bridget's Stomach Upsets and Pica


4 years old at the time
Labrador Retriever
spayed female

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When she reached 3 1/2 years of age, Bridget started being sick frequently. Her stomach made horrible noises and she was throwing up. She was at the vet all the time to get injections for her nausea. That became a regular routine. But what was the diagnosis? There didn't seem to be one.

Bridget was not only sick to her stomach but quite miserable. She would pace and pant, lick her lips, her paws, and the floor. And she would eat anything she could get her mouth on.

Was eating everything that was making her sick or was she eating everything because she was sick?

All she ever got was a treatment for her symptoms. But things were not improving. It went on and on with no solution.

What would you do if Bridget was your dog?

What would you make of these symptoms? How would you feel about the lack of diagnosis? What would you do?

Read Bridget's story to learn what her diagnosis was.

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