Injured Dog? Recovery And Rehab Activities For Dogs After Back, Hip, Leg And Knee Injuries

Donna Hill's video shows awesome examples of activities for your dog while rehabilitating from an injury, surgery, or undergoing Heartworm treatment.

Dogs that are on crate rest get bored, especially active dogs. The best way to help them cope is to use their brains. As a bonus, they'll learn some additional behaviors for when they are ready for activity.

Here is a list of other links that will get you started in training the various behaviors.

Capturing a lip lick (Jessie's curl was captured this way)
Capturing head tip
Ring Toss
Cover Your Face (captured when scratching her eyes
or place a piece of tape on the side the the dog's head.)
Muffin Tin Game
Shell Scent Game
Left and Right
Shaping the light switch
Shaping the dog to hold smaller and smaller objects and to Put Them Away
(toys, objects etc)
Teaching Take
Teaching Paw Target
Tug and Shut
Object discrimination (Names of Objects)

An extra activity that uses the front end of the dog only. This little daxie is blind and has just had surgery on her hind legs, has no use of her back legs yet she still wants to participate! The activities work for disabled dogs too!

Isn't this awesome?


Donna Hill, Donna Hill B.Sc. B.Ed., has a degree in zoology and a teaching degree. She has 20 years experience in adult and child education and enjoyed teaching people how to observe animals in nature as a nature interpreter, field biologist and train-the-trainer for presentation skills and now applies her knowledge and skills to help people and their dogs. She helps people with disabilities to train their own service dogs and has experience working with autistic and developmentally delayed teens. She uses plain English to explain what you are doing and why and also provides analogies you can relate to. She was also a Girl Guide and earned the highest honor as well as worked in the Tourism industry as a information counselor. She loves to share key information with people!

Visit her blog at Online Clicker Training Tutorials & Coaching.

Check out her two Youtube channels supernaturalbc2009 and supernatural 2008 for more awesome videos. Her motto is "Yard by Yard, Life is hard. Inch by Inch, It's a Cinch!" Break everything down into it's simplest parts and it's achievable!

Don't forget to visit Donna's FB group Observation Skills for Training Dogs or connect with Donna on Twitter.

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  1. These are great ideas! We were definitely running out of ways to keep Bella entertained during her restricted exercise phases. (Smart + high-energy = short attention span for redundant games.)

    1. Pretty awesome, isn't it? Should keep Bella busy for a while.


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