Knee Surgery Post-Op Helper: Bottom's Up Leash

Preventing mishaps after a surgery, while allowing the legs to do some work, can be a challenge. Particularly if both knees had been operated on simultaneously.

If you have a little dog, you're likely tempted to carry them everywhere. If you have a large dog, you don't even have that option.

It is important that the legs do get used but as safely as possible.

The main challenges are stairs and slippery surfaces. (By stairs I mean the couple of steps to get in and out of the house to potty, flights of stairs should be avoided altogether)

The traditional way of supporting the rear end was so called towel-walking. You make an improvised sling by running a towel under your dog's belly. It works. But I find it quite awkward to use as well as to keep it where it belongs.

Some people get creative and design their own slings.

If you're not that creative, you might want something that is ready to go.

A product I like is Bottom's Up Leash. It supports the rear end at just the right place. I have not tried it myself. But after our experiences with knee surgeries and towel-walking, it would be something I'd consider if my dog needed rear end support, whether because of surgery, injury or other orthopedic issues.

Unlike a towel, Bottom's Up Leash also allows your dog to be supported while eliminating.

Depending on your dog's situation, that can make a big difference, trust me.

You might find other similar products out there. Either way, great idea for rear end support.
It's your dog's health,


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