The Problem Is Getting Bigger: Pet Obesity

While pet obesity is getting more and more attention, it doesn't seem to be doing anything for eliminating the problem.

Every other dog we meet on our walks is overweight, many of them severely.

Since words don't seem to be helping, maybe a picture will. One picture is worth of thousand words, right?

If your dog is overweight, please do not deceive yourself. It is detrimental to their quality of life and their health!

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365 - a UK stockist of dog coats, collars and accessories. Click here to view the full post.

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  1. Yes! Pet obesity is happening just too often. I keep my girls on the trim side to help offset problems that may arise to do MVD, arthritis in this breed. Great information!

  2. Kolchak struggles with his weight, since he really* like to eat, but we're careful to keep it under control and make sure he is as active as possible - even more active than just walks!

  3. What doe doesn't like to eat? :-) (unless sick) Careful choice of foods and treats and lots of exercise ... can eat all you want as long as you burn the calories! LOL

    Note: at one time we struggled with Jasmine's weight, she turned being hypothyroid.


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