Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are Zombies The Biggest Threat To Your Dog? Top (Potentially) Deadly Dog Health Sins: Obesity

Zombie attack sounds pretty scary. But as I outlined in my previous article, I believe that the living pose much bigger problem to dogs than the undead.

The upside of a zombie attack is that everybody accepts is as a threat.

Obesity is one of the things we keep turning the blind eye to. It creeps up silently and it kills silently also.

Not only that most people don't recognize the health impact of obesity; many of the don't even recognize that their dog is obese.

How do you fight a threat you don't see? Learn to recognize it!

What is the ideal weight for your dog? Obesity isn't really about weight. It is about fat tissue.

You can have a dog weigh ½ a pound who is still obese. You can have a dog weigh 100 pounds who is slim.

Find out what your dog's body should like by comparing them to the body condition score.

Learn what impact obesity will have on your dog's health.

The best article I read on the subject is Dr. Patrick Mahaney's Pet Obesity: Health Implications, Recognition, and Weight Management. Do take the time to check it out.

Nearly all organ systems suffer under the stress of carrying excess weight.

Obesity will have negative impact on everything from your dog's kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, joints to immune system.

Excess fat doesn't merely mean excess weight. 

Fat tissue is metabolically active; which makes it really an endocrine organ. This is what gives it systemic influence.

Do your dog a favor, keep them thin!


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