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Potty Accidents in Dogs: Incontinence versus UTIs

Urinary accidents in Dogs

What should you make of it when your dog starts having potty accidents? Do urinary incontinence, and urinary tract infections (UTI’s) look the same? What are the general causes of urinary accidents in dogs? Emotional causes aside, the two elemental reasons behind your dog’s urinary accidents are that they either could not hold it any longer didn’t know it was…

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Stick Injuries in Dogs: Watson’s Story

Stick Injuries in Dogs

You’re out with your dog, having fun. You bend over, pick up a stick, and throw it for your dog to fetch. Your dog happily retrieves it. Live couldn’t be better. What could go wrong? I used to throw sticks for my dogs. Until I watched JD nearly impale himself on one. He missed a chest-penetrating injury and emergency surgery…

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Swelling in Dogs: Lilly’s Lump–What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog?

Lilly's Mysterious Swelling

Regardless of the cause of your dog’s swelling, lumps, or bumps, the sooner you discover it, the better. That is why grooming and physical contact with your dog goes beyond bonding and building a relationship. Your hands can find ticks, scabs, lumps, or swelling your eyes might not see. Lilly’s mom was getting ready for a wellness exam ...

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Foot Lesions in Dogs: What Caused Gemma’s Sore Foot?

Gemma's Sore Foot

When assessing your limping dog, don’t forget to check for foot lesions or injuries. A sore foot can cause substantial lameness. While joint and muscle injuries are common, you would be surprised at the degree of lameness foot lesions, or injuries can cause in your dog. When Jasmine, who was a tough girl, had an infection on her foot ...

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