What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Rufus' Collapse


Bull Mastiff
2 years old at the time
Neutered male

What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Rufus' Collapse

I remember when our neighbors got Rufus. He was one of the happiest puppies I've ever seen. He grew up to be a big boy, still just as happy and friendly. He loved everybody and loved life.

That day I came into the kitchen and happened to look outside.

I saw Rufus was there. But he wasn't playing and having a good time. He was lying on the lawn, unresponsive, breathing in a sort of a spasm pattern, while being hosed down with water by his dad.

I ran out to learn that Rufus had collapsed during his walk. They brought him here, figuring he had a heat stroke.

It is true that it was a hot day. It was also true that whatever was wrong with Rufus couldn't be fixed by a stream of cold water. Whatever was wrong, Rufus needed immediate medical attention.

I explained that he is in serious trouble and they need to go to a vet right away. They listened,  wrapped Rufus in a wet towel, loaded him in the car and left for the nearest veterinary hospital.

What do you think was wrong with Rufus? What would you do if it was your dog?

Read Rufus' story here.

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