What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Molly's Arthritis Acting Up?


11-year-old German Shepherd
spayed female

Dog Symptoms: What Would You Do if It Was Your Dog: Molly's Arthritis Acting Up?

Molly has a history of mobility issues and lameness. Five years ago she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She recovered well.

When Molly's symptoms returned, Lyme disease was the go-to diagnosis and Molly was put on antibiotics. This time, however, the treatment was not working. Molly was getting weaker and developed anemia as well.

Could it be the Lyme disease? Arthritis?

Some days Molly would feel better, some days worse. Some days she could barely move and wouldn't eat. Molly ended up in the emergency hospital when she passed out.

What would you do if Molly was your dog?

What would you make of these symptoms and what steps would you take? Molly was under veterinary care but the treatment was not working.

Read Molly's story to learn what her diagnosis was.

What is your dog telling you about their health?

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