Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Share Your Story for a Chance to Win a Free Copy of "Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog"

Hindsight is 20/20. Such wisdom typically comes at a great price. Imagine getting such benefit without paying the cost.

You hindsight can help other dogs and their parents.

Share Your Story for a Chance to Win a Free Copy of Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog

Have you gone through a medical disaster with your dog only wishing you noticed the first subtle signs and knew what to make of them? Or wishing you knew when to see a second opinion? Your story could literally save a dog's life.

Share your story for a chance to win a free copy of Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog.

All accepted stories will get published right here, on Dawg Business blog and entered into the draw for the free copy of my book. The best entries will be considered for publishing in my next book.

Story guidelines

I do not limit or demand a specific word count. Use as many or as little words you need to tell your story.

  1. Introduce your dog, your relationship and what is your dog normally like
  2. Describe what led to you take your dog to a veterinarian
  3. Explain what was the diagnosis and treatment
  4. If your dog was misdiagnosed, explain what happened and how did you end up seeking a second opinion
  5. Share what you wish you have noticed or understood at the time, what you would have done differently and why.

Email me your story at ranchjasmine@gmail.com

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is an award-winning guide to help you better understand what your dog is telling you about their health and how to best advocate for them. 

Learn how to see and how to think about changes in your dog’s appearance, habits, and behavior. Some signs that might not trigger your concern can be important indicators that your dog needs to see a veterinarian right away. Other symptoms, while hard to miss, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or limping, are easy to spot but can have a laundry list of potential causes, some of them serious or even life-threatening. 

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is a dog health advocacy guide 101. It covers a variety of common symptoms, including when each of them might be an emergency. 

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog has won the following awards:


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