Helmut's Fight with T-Cell Lymphoma: Can You Help?

by Candace Escobar

Helmut is my heart dog. He is nine years old, loving guy.

Helmut has t-cell lymphoma, an unfortunate curse of his breed. 

In November of last year, we took him in for a growth in his mouth. As it turned out, he also lost a lot of weight since his last visit,

Our amazing vet recommended we investigate thoroughly because of his breed age and history of growths and their removals throughout the years.

The search for Helmut's diagnosis began. 

Helmut has had three ultrasounds, spleen biopsy, and his diagnosis came after 2 PARR tests with CSU. The extracted cells were suspicious of t-cell lymphoma.

Helmut was still feeling great until the end of March.

The official diagnosis came in April.

Helmut was two treatments from completing the CHOP protocol when he came out of remission last week, 6 days after I was laid off. We have three other chemo options and are going to take the less invasive protocol so he can live his life to the fullest as there is no promise he has more time with the more aggressive approaches.

Right now, Helmut feels great, and you can't tell he is sick whatsoever.

To date, Helmut's medical costs for his lymphoma has been $8281.21. This doesn't include his annual check-up or one emergency visit due to reaction to his chemotherapy.

$6083.77 for the chemotherapy, medications and 2 ultrasounds with an oncology specialist. $2197.44.were bills from our regular vet for original diagnosing, first ultrasound, blood screenings during chemo and other cancer-related costs.

At the same time, Helmut's housemate, Violet, needed a TPLO for a completely ruptured CCL. We had postponed to help us with Helmut a long as possible but between April and June, her medical costs were $3024.10.

The lomustine protocol will be between $1200 and $1400 and I am working on some holistic therapies including changing his diet, CBD/FECO, acupuncture for pain (he has "bionic" knees) and others.

I am embarrassed to ask for help but Helmut is my baby and he feels good as far as I can tell. If I hadn't been laid off and waiting 4-6 weeks for unemployment, we would have made it work.

Helmut wants to fight his cancer. 

He eats, jumps, plays, and snuggles. He is the alpha to two sisters and I want to complete his Bucket List and get him through the holidays, We want to make every day he has left with us full of love, snuggles, treats, and adventures.

Thank you for reading. If you could find it in your heart to help us get Helmut the treatment he needs and deserves, please check out our GoFundMe.



  1. Thank you for posting our story, Jana Rade. We were able to but him on liver support meds and add an additional treatment to his chemo protocol last week because of so many others kindness and love for Helmut.



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