Saturday, August 5, 2017

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Rabies Prevention, Erythrocytosis, and more ...

5 Rabies Prevention Tips for Dogs

Hanie Elfenbein/petMD

Rabies is the scariest infectious disease of them all. What many people might not realize is that it doesn't need an actual bite to be transmitted. Any means by which saliva or blood from an infected animal makes it to your dog's bloodstream, eyes, mouth or nose will do. There is no cure, and once symptoms develop, it is fatal.

Vaccinating is the number one safeguard against infection, but other measures can go a long way helping to prevent exposure. Read Dr. Elfenbein's tips on how to keep your dog safe from this deadly infection.

Erythrocytosis – When Dogs & Cats Have Too Many Red Blood Cells

Dr. Christopher Byers/CriticalCareDVM

Erythro- say what? Medical terminology is actually quite beautiful once you get to know it. And using Latin/Greek words makes perfect sense making the medicine talk international. And it makes for great tongue twisters.

When you break the word down, you end up with three parts. Erythro- stands for red. Cyte is a suffix meaning a cell. And -osis means a disease or increase. Put them together you have a condition of too many red blood cells. In the body, too much of anything is just as bad as too little.

Learn more about erythrocytosis and what causes it in Dr. Byers' article.

Home-made and Commercial Diets for Dogs with Health Conditions

Dr. Jean Dodds

Food therapy is an integral part of the integrative approach we've been using. It is also part of a veterinary management for a number of conditions.

With Jasmine, changes in her diet worked very well mitigating her inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Nutritional therapy can be employed for any health problem, but it is particularly used for liver, kidney gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases. The question is what is better, veterinary prescription diets or home-made meals?

Read Dr. Dodds' thoughts.

Best Fruit and Veggie Treats for Dogs


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