Dog Medical Emergencies Survey: Is Inability to Stand an Emergency?

To my relief, 96.97% survey participants checked the inability to stand as an emergency. 

This, of course, pertains to acute inability to stand, not to an ongoing condition where the dog might have issues due to an already diagnosed (and treated) problem such as spinal injury or any other problem causing paralysis, extreme weakness or loss of balance.

For example, after her hyperthermia horror, Jasmine was unable to get up without substantial help and had severe difficulties holding herself up. She did spend a week in ICU, but it took another week before she could get up on her own and walk without falling over. At that point, it clearly was no longer an emergency but rather an outcome of one. For those who are wondering, the hyperthermia was drug-induced, and it did happen while she was at a vet hospital for x-rays.

When I'm talking about an emergency situation, I mean a sudden inability to stand or walk or a substantial decline of some existing conditions.

The reasons behind a dog's inability to stand or walk can be rooted in the brain, in the spine/nerves, or in the muscles. In other words, either the instructions to coordinate the body aren't being sent, they don't make their way to the destination, or the muscles are unable to respond.

The causes can be anything from an infection or inflammation in the brain or spine, trauma or injury to the brain or spine, infection or inflammation in the muscles, inflammation in the nerves, blocked blood flow, severe anemia, poisoning, tick paralysis or cancer ...

All of these things have an emergency all over it.

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