Saturday, November 19, 2016

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: ToeGrips in Rehabilitation Medicine, Medicated Shampoos, and more ...

A pooch-centric guide to medicated shampoos

Dr. Marty Becker

Medicated shampoos can be a life-saver. Every now and then, Jasmine had issues with skin infections. Strategic use of a medicated shampoo can help prevent them as well as manage milder cases.

Medicated shampoos can help fight parasites, bacteria or fungi, or relieve itchiness. We liked one where the active ingredient was sulfur and salicylic acid. It was very mild and worked well for Jasmine. We tried several others but has best results with this one.

When choosing a medicated shampoo for your dog, work with your veterinarian.

How Veterinary Rehabilitation Medicine Uses ToeGrips



The first time I've seen ToeGrips I thought it was a genius idea. Slippery surfaces can be a huge challenge for dogs with mobility issues or dogs recovering from surgery or injury. There is, of course, the option of covering all your floors with rugs and carpets. It is what we did when Jasmine underwent surgeries for her cruciate. We covered almost all of the floor with just a little bit of bare hardwood in the odd corner. It worked well. But then, when she suffered severe drug-induced hyperthermia and could barely hold herself up in standing position, those little patches of floor that weren't covered were like a magnet. She'd find them and slip on them. So we added more patches. That all works as long as the dog doesn't leave the home. Even a visit at a vet can be another challenge. And you can't really bring your rugs with you.

There are other non-slip products out there, booties, socks, even stickers, but I was always concerned about the dog not being able to feel the ground properly in them. ToeGrips don't mess with that and even encourage better proprioception.

When Cookie was recovering from her iliopsoas injuries, I was very happy that we could use the ToeGrips to keep her from slipping and injuring herself further.

The use of ToeGrips is on my list of survival hacks when it comes to dogs with limited mobility or dogs recovering from surgery or an injury.

Find out how Dr. Evelyn Orenbuch, DVM, incorporates the use of ToeGrips in rehabilitation medicine.

What Does Demodex Look Like and How Can It Be Treated in a Herding Dog?

Dr. Greg Martinez

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