What Do I Do when I Run out of Dog Food?

I have managed never to run out of kibble. But with Cookie on the raw diet, now and then I forget to thaw some out for her next meal. It can happen to anybody.

No dog food. Now what?

One thing I would never do is putting the food in a microwave to thaw it out.

To me, that defies the whole concept of feeding raw, or healthy for that matter.

Some foods thaw out quickly or can be fed frozen, such as Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Bites. I like the food; Cookie likes the food, and I always loved having some extra on hand. And PetSmart is supposed to carry it, so it should be easy to get. Unfortunately, PetSmart does have it, but as it seems, nobody other than myself is buying it. Which means that their stock just sits there. You can tell right away because the whole bag is one clump. The last time we bought it when I saw how old it looked, I just threw it out. I suspect it was in their freezer ever since the launch.

Whatever the reason for being out of dog food, what to do now?

One option, of course, is to fast the dog. Many holistic veterinarians recommend fasting a dog at least once a month for a number of health benefits. While I like the idea, my dogs beg to differ so I haven't fasted them except for diagnostics or medical procedures.

One of the things I like to do when I realize I don't have any dog food ready for a meal is to scramble some eggs.

Eggs are easy to digest and loaded with nutrients.

If I have boiled ones, I use those. Poached eggs would work as well. If I can find some left-over veggies, I quickly warm them up and throw the eggs in it. Cookie is willing to eat quite a lot of vegetables this way.

The only time I'd be careful with eggs would be if my dog had present or past pancreatitis caused by fat in the diet. In such case, I'd drop some of the egg yolks and use most egg whites. Cookie, though, probably wouldn't eat that. She's not very fond of the whites.

I like to have a backup stash of canned salmon.

This is the fastest and easiest way to substitute a meal. Open the can, feed it. Again, if I have some left-over veggies, I might mix them into that as well.

Those are my go-to meal substitutes. What are yours?


  1. This is a great idea! I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to take something out, or taken it out late. I have never thought to scramble up some eggs and veggies. I'm storing this tidbit in the back of my mind!

    1. Cookie loves that. Doesn't even care what kind of veggies are mixed with it.


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