Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: More Benefits of Honey, Whose Poop Is It Anyway?, and more ...

How Honey Can Help Dogs with Allergies

Dr. Ernie Ward/Petplan

We've been very impressed with how raw Manuka honey works for wound management. What other benefits could honey have? How about seasonal allergies? The idea of using local raw honey to treat seasonal allergies is the same concept as immunotherapy.

We never had a dog suffering from seasonal allergies, but if we did, I would likely give honey a try.

Bone Marrow Sampling in Dogs and Cats: When the Blood is the Problem

Dr. Christopher Byers/CriticalCareDVM

Does it sound like a scary procedure? Yes, sounds scary to me too, particularly after watching House MD. However, this can be the only way to properly diagnose your dog's problem with either component of the blood--red blood cells, white blood cells, and/or platelets.

Problems with the blood can arise for a number of reasons, including infections, cancer or immune disorders. If a dog becomes anemic, for example, the main question is to find out whether the blood cells are being lost, being destroyed or are not being made in the first place. As with many problems, the best way to identify it is by looking at the cells involved.

To learn why bone marrow sampling might be necessary and how it's done, read Dr. Buyers' article.

How to Figure Out Which Dog is Having Diarrhea or Pooping in Your House

Dr. Jason Nicholas/Preventive Vet

Does it sound like a silly question? Not if you're gone for work most of the day and have more than one dog. If you come home to a mess on the carpet, and all dogs are acting normally, how would you determine whose poop it is? And if you don't know which dog it came from, how are you going to do anything about it? Particularly if it happens more than once?

Has this happened to you? And how did you figure out which dog is having pooping issues? Dr. Nicholas offers a quick and easy solution to make your detective work easier.

5 Strategies To Handle The Cost of Veterinary Care

Dr. Andy Roark/Cone of Shame


  1. The article that discussed bone marrow sampling really had my attention. Seeing the instrument that will be used to extract samples from our pets' bone marrow does look scary.


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