Saturday, September 10, 2016

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Hot Spots, Splenomegaly, Autism, and more ...

What To Do When Your Dog Has A Hot Spot

Dr. Andy Roark/Cone of Shame

Splenomegaly – The Significance of an Enlarged Spleen

Dr. Christopher Byers/CriticalCareDVM

For most people the spleen is an obscure organ nobody acknowledges unless it causes a problem.

The spleen is an important component of the immune system; it is the largest  lymphoid organ. It produces several different kinds of white blood cells, manufacturers and stores red blood cells and filters old or damaged blood cells, destroys bacteria, viruses and other foreign objects ...

Splenomegaly means an enlarged spleen and it's a bad news much of the time.

To learn more about splenomegaly and its causes, check out Dr. Byers' article.

Can Dogs Have Autism?

Dr. Jennifer Coates, petMD

Autism is a mental condition characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. Can dogs have autism?

Autism-like symptoms in dogs had been discussed in veterinary world since 1966. A 2015 study conducted by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists reported that tail chasing behavior in Bull Terriers is a possible link to autism. Studies such as this one indicate that autism in dogs is a possibility.

Internet Myths and Rumors: Pet Toxin Edition


Hosta plant. Photo ASPCA

Are almonds and pistachios toxic to pets? Can hosta plant cause bloat? Find out in the ASPCA article.

Ask a Vet: What Happens When Dogs Consume Meth?

Dr. Eric Barchas/dogster

If you're like me, you have only heard about meth and never even seen it other than in the movies. How many people actually have meth around? I don't know. But apparently dogs do get exposed to this and it can be fatal if not counteracted quickly.

If your dog does get their paws on some, it is no time to be coy with your vet about what might have made your dog sick.

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