Thursday, September 15, 2016

More Advanced Praise for "Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog"

"Jana is a passionate dog mom. Her passion for her dogs has turned her pet parenting into a quest to understand and assist them at every turn of their lives ever evolving veterinary medical needs. She has taken it upon herself to become a learned student of pet nutrition, orthopedics, training, behavior, and all things dog. She has assimilated her experiences and tales of her dogs trials, tribulations, medical experience, veterinary advances, and complied them into a book to help other dog lovers learn about how to best care for their dogs. Her no frills, straight talk advice is easy to read, pet parent friendly and simplifies the often overly  superfluous scientific jargon that is often difficult to process and understand into accessible, meaningful and helpful dog health information. It is through her years of research, personal experience and dedication to her Rottie kids that the rest of the pet parents around the world will benefit."
~Dr. Krista Magnifico, DVM, Jarrettsville Vet Center

"Symptoms To Watch For In Your Dog is an eye-opening journey through the veterinary system and how it effects your dog's health. It demonstrates the realities and importance of taking control of your dog's medical care. This book is a must read for those who love their pets and wish to take a pro-active and productive role in their dog's physical wellbeing."
~Norma Jeanne Laurette, IPDTA-CDT, Dog Trainer/Behaviour Therapist & Author

"Dogs love us in amazing ways. My own dogs show me this every day. But our faithful family members can’t tell us what is wrong when they’re not feeling well. That’s why this book is so important. With solid advice such as which symptoms you should never ignore, and how to tell when your dog is in pain, this thorough book is a must-have resource for every pet parent."
~Peggy Frezon, Contributing Editor All Creatures magazine,  author of Faithfully Yours, the amazing bond between us and the animals we love.

"The knowledge Jana Rade has acquired through her years owning dogs and communicating with dog owners in social media has given her unique insight as to what pet owners worry about. Symptoms to Watch For in Your Dog can help you to not only figure out when to seek out treatment, but also how to choose a veterinarian who will communicate with you in a way that make you feel comfortable and that your concerns are addressed . This book has made being a dog parent so much easier. Even with my 20+ years as a dog owner and member of the veterinary community, I found the book helpful in so many area. Dog parents should add this book to their arsenal for care for their dog."
~Kristi Hauta, Former Veterinary Technician and Practice Manager

"I’ll never look at my dogs the same way after reading, “Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog.” Jana Rade gives the reader a panoply of symptoms to look for when your best friend might not be feeling tip-top. Based on her personal experiences and with input from top veterinarians, Jana left with me with one overriding thought regarding my dogs’ health. “When in doubt, err on the side of caution.”
~Bob Poole, author of “Listen First – Sell Later” and “Six Dozen Doughnuts”

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