Saturday, August 6, 2016

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: How Not to Clean Your Dog's Ears, Liver Disease, and more ...

Liver Disease in Dogs: Part I
Dr. Nancy Kay/Spot Speaks

It is estimated that a normal liver performs an estimated 1500 total of metabolic, biliary, endocrine, storage and detoxification functions. The liver is one busy organ. That is probably why it was designed to be quite resilient and able to recover from much of the damage it can sustain.

All the responsibilities it has to carry out do make it vulnerable to injury or dysfunction. Learn more about liver function and disease in Dr. Kay's articles.

How NOT to clean your pet’s ears
Dr. Karen Louis/

The internet is a great resource but it also contains information that is questionable quality or simply wrong. On top of that, information can get misinterpreted. When researching, be discerning and read carefully. Or else you end up shoving vanilla yogurt into your dog's ears. That, btw, is NOT how to cure your dog's ear infection. I figured I better make that clear.

What other things you shouldn't be pouring into your dog's ears? Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, water ... First, do no harm. I'm not saying you have to stick with r/x. But before you use anything, talk to your veterinarian.

Cranial cruciate ligament repair: One size does NOT fit all
Dr. Jennifer L. Wardlaw/dvm360

I believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to most dog health problems. CCL, cranial cruciate ligament injury would be on top of that list. Having gone through full tears with Jasmine, and recently with partial tear(s) with Cookie, as well as having to keep this in the back of my mind in general having large dogs, I believe that each dog and each case has a unique solution which is best for the individual dog.

More importantly, the consensus on what is the one best way to deal with this injury simply isn't out there. There are more options available all the time, starting with conservative management (with or without brace), regenerative therapy, prolotherapy, and a number of different surgeries. Do your homework and don't let anybody tell you there is only one option you have to choose.

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