Cookie's PRP Treatment for Partial Cruciate (CCL/ACL) Tear Update and Considering the Future

Cookie has been doing really well.

Her physical therapist is thrilled with how far she's come. Cookies muscles are getting bigger and
stronger, remaining flexible and relaxed. You can see the muscles rippling on her legs again.

Technically, she's been cleared for normal activity.

I've been increasing the amount of running and walking in challenging terrain we've been doing together. We could start letting her of the leash.

This has been a source of a dilemma for me, and here is why.

Her knees seem to be doing well and should be able to take whatever she might throw at them. And if we're lucky, they will never give her a problem again. But what if we're not lucky? It could well happen that her first chase after a bunny could cause another injury. The chances are always 50/50, right?

This could, of course, happen with perfectly good knees too.

This could happen if there was never anything wrong with them. When we were discussing the PRP option with Jasmine's vet, he brought up an important point, "Say that the treatment works and restores the ligament(s) to their original healthy state. We need to keep in mind that what caused the cruciate(s) damage the first time might do that again."

Aware of that we are supporting the ligament health the best we can with nutrition, supplements, acupuncture ... But it could still happen.

Normally, that's a kind of risk one needs to live with having a dog.

It's a risk we've been taking the whole time. But ...

We don't like the TPLO. We really don't like the TPLO. The traditional suture repair worked for Jasmine but with Cookie the risk of failure during post-op is higher. Cookie is VERY enthusiastic.

Now we know there is an option out there which we do like - the hinge technique, Simitri Stable in Stride. We feel that if we had to do a surgery on Cookie's knee(s), that's the one we'd choose.

Here is the catch.

Cookie is too large for their present implants size range. They have done large dogs with the existing implant but the failure rate was higher. They are working on developing a larger, stronger implant, for larger dogs.

Initially it looked like it should be ready by summer but now the timeline has been pushed to the end of the year.

The option we like is out there but not available for Cookie at this time.

Should she bust her knee now, we would have several options. We could do nothing. That is not a good idea at all, though. We could do the TPLO. But we would really rather not to. We could see whether Dr. Neil would implant the available, smaller hinge for her. But that increases the risk it might not hold up.

Or, we can try keeping Cookie's knees safe until the larger implant is ready.

After a lot of discussion and deliberation that's what we decided to do. Cookie is happy enough with her walks and outings the way they are, on leash. I try really hard to make sure she can go where she wants and do what she wants within reasonable limits.

If Cookie was miserable about this, we'd look at things differently. But since this is working well enough, we feel that this is the best decision for her.

Her knees might never give her trouble ever again. But if they do, and if we manage to safely bridge the time until the new surgery could be done for her, we believe that would be the best scenario.

The other thing is that it's too hot, at least for now to let her run free anyway.

Last summer we kept her on leash during the heat because if she was tracking a bunny she would not stop. Not until her body collapsed under her.

What do you think? What would you do?

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  1. I would do the same thing. I'm not a fan of TPLO either and I'm glad to hear others feel the same way. So intrigued by the hinge technique!

    1. Thank you, Jen, it's good to hear somebody else would think the same way.

      Yes, the hinge technique seems like a great idea. It's still hardware in the body but no anatomy alteration ... certainly makes most sense to us at least with the presently available information.


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