Saturday, April 9, 2016

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Insect-Repelling Dog Clothing and Bedding, Successful Vet Visits, and more ...

Do Dogs Need Insect-Repelling Clothing and Furniture?
Dr. Eric Barchas/dogster

If you can think of it, somebody is already making it. And sometimes, it seems, they even make things nobody would have ever thought of. Such as dog clothing and furniture impregnated with permethrin. That's the stuff in Advantix, for example. We tried using that for Cookie to keep ticks off her but she did have adverse reaction to it.

The premise is pest control for your dog. How good of an idea is that? Intesecticides in your dog's coat or bedding? The products' promotional materials point out the risks of topical application of permethrin. Why would anybody want to take any risks with things that ought to be safe, such as their dog's bedding? Definitely not something I would buy.

Read Dr. Barchas' thoughtful article on the subject.

6 Secrets for Utopian Vet Visits
Dr. Julie Buzby/toegrips

Dr. Buzby with a patient. Photo Dr. Buzby

Ever had a frustrating or fruitless vet visit? Is there anything, other than careful choice of your veterinarian, you can do to help make your vet visits successful?

Choice of a veterinarian is an important step. But even having the best veterinarian out there, you still need to be prepared. Know what to expect, know what to do. Before every visit I make a list of concerns and questions. That way I don't forget anything. Have a video of the problem wherever feasible. If it's a new vet, I also print out a brief overall history as well as detailed information about the problem. The better prepared you are, the less likely you are to miss something important you should have discussed.

Dr. Buzby has great tips for making your vet visits as successful as possible.

5 Ways Pet Owners Make Veterinary Medicine Hard
Dr. Andy Roark/Vetstreet

Observe Your Dog’s Urine Habits
Dr. Jean Dodds/Dr. Jean Dodds' Pet Health Resource Blog

Urine is a fountain of information. Not just having it analyzed by your vet, but also things you can observe yourself. Paying attention to your dog's peeing habits, to the amount of urine, frequency of urination as well as strength of the stream, color and smell can provide important inklink to your dog's health.

It's easy to just send your dog to the yard to do their business. It's easy to just let them squat or lift their leg without paying attention. But there is a wealth of information you're missing, Pay attention at least from time to time and particularly if you feel there might be a problem.

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