Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Tracheal Collapse, Kidney Toxins, and more ...

Tracheal Collapse in Dogs – Conquering the Cough
Dr. Christopher G. Byers/Critical Care DVM

The trachea, also referred to as the windpipe, is where the air gets in and out of the lungs. Like in a pipe, there needs to be an opening to allow this. In tracheal collapse the weakened structure collapses, restricting the air flow. Not being able to breath is a scary, dangerous thing.

Does your dog have a dry cough that sounds like a goose honk? Does your dog cough when excited or exercising? Does your dog have difficulty breathing and wheezes when inhaling? Check out Dr. Buyers' article and see your vet.

Common household dangers that cause kidney injury to dogs
Dr. Justine Lee

Different toxins can affect the dog's body in different ways. Some of the most life-threatening poisoning cases are those that damage the kidneys. Which toxins are most dangerous to your dogs kidneys? Grapes, raisins, currants, ethylene glycol, vitamin D3, heart medications and human non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Keep these things away from your dog and learn more details about household kidney toxins in Dr. Lee's article.

Top Nine Gadgets You (Might) Wish Your Vet Had
Dr. Patty Khuly

Reading Dr. Khuly's article, there are certainly things I wish my veterinarian had. It also makes me recall the beautiful isolation rooms Jasmine's vet designed and had built; all glass, sound-proof, each with its own air ... and his awesome hydraulic examination tables and dental table. He has to be careful how he spends the money he makes but when he does it's always something awesome.

Holding rooms at Fergus Veterinary hospital.

Hydraulic examination table with non-reflective, non-slip surface
at Fergus Veterinary hospital.

There are other things on the list I think every veterinary hospital should have, such as CryoPen or web-based veterinary records.. One thing Dr. Khuly doesn't list which I really wish veterinary hospitals had is a thermal imaging camera.

Which things from Dr. Khuly's list do you wish your vet had?

The Amazing World of Fleas (Part I)
Dr. Simanovszky