Sunday, February 7, 2016

How Far Would You Go for Your Dogs?

by Jerry Rade

With Cookie’s iliopsoas injury we have been prevented from going out for our long daily walks. 

Last Winter the guys had so much fun!

I really miss taking JD and Cookie out off-leash and watching them run and play in the snow. For the last few months I have been taking Cookie out for short, controlled, leashed walks but it’s not what we really want to do. That is not what Cookie wants to do either.

The importance of taking care and following a good rehabilitation program cannot be overstated. 

We need to let the injury heal and then work the muscles back to full strength gradually. As the saying goes, “plan the work and then work the plan”.

So, once a week Cookie and I head east for a 2-hour drive for physiotherapy, including underwater treadmill, stretching exercise, and laser therapy.

Another day per week we head north for an hour drive for laser therapy.

A third day we head north again for laser therapy and chiropractic care.

In between are the on-leash walks, which are getting a bit longer every week.

While Cookie and I are away Jana takes JD out for long walks where they pack down the snow into usable trails for Cookie and I to use.

Since I’m retired there is more time available for me to do these things. But then I think back to the care that Jasmine needed, I used to travel the same distances while working a full time job. We always found a way to schedule things so we could provide our friends with what they needed.

So how far do we go for our dogs? As far as needed. That’s what they would do for us…..

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