Cookie's Iliopsoas Injury: Battling the Zoomies

Plans are great as long as everything goes according to them. Which in real life doesn't happen all the time.
Where is the mousie?

After initial strict rest the plan is to gradually keep increasing the amount exercise Cookie gets while incorporating some physical therapy along with that.

As far as plans go, it's a perfect plan. Allowing the muscles to heal and then working them back up to their top condition.

With the help of the Trazodone, things go according to plan most of the time.

Just the fact that Cookie doesn't either jump out of her skin, explode, or become completely depressed with such major exercise (and fun) restrictions is a miracle and testament to the drug doing its job.

But every now and then the circumstances happen to be just so that all control goes out the window and Cookie loses it.

Full blown attack of the zoomies.

The fact that she is on the lash at all times has little bearing. She is perfectly capable of bouncing at the end like a kite in a hurricane. And so far, every time she did that she set herself back.

She did this first thing this year and we are still dealing with the injury she was able to sustain then. She did that couple more times since but the outcome wasn't as bad those two times. But we are still, understandably, very concerned about these things.

The most likely scenario involves very cold temperatures, cold wind, and or fresh snow.

Sometimes that's just something that must happen, I suppose. She was getting them last winter too and was getting her 3 hours of walking and playing every day. It was obviously not from her not being able to drain enough energy.

Except last winter it didn't matter and she could lose it all she liked.

The main question remains, how does one prevent, or stop the zoomies at their tracks.

Obviously, the best recommendation for prevention includes lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Right now she cannot get anywhere near as much exercise as she'd like or needed but that's why she's on the Trazodone to keep her calmer. But there is a limit to what the Trazodone can do and zoomies are no match for it.

We play games, training games, she gets her entertainment bones and food puzzles ... No amount of play in the house has ever been enough for her--I know that from some of the really cold days last winter when it was just impossible to go for a walk and we played indoors.

Another recommendation was to ask her to do something incompatible with having zoomies.

To her, everything is perfectly compatible. She'll do it at the speed of light so she can return to being crazy as soon as possible.

Apparently there isn't any zoomies off-switch any of my training friends know about.

There is only one thing that I've tried that works most of the time, even though there is no guarantee she won't get back to her zoomies later.

"Where is the mousie?"

I bend down and look at a spot on the ground and ask this question. That switches gears in Cookie's head she she'll leap at the spot looking for a critter. If all goes well and there has been one around recently, she'll start digging and looking and forgets about her zoomies.

So that has been our best strategy so far.

Do you know of any sure-fire zoomies off-switch?

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  1. I wonder if using a Help Em Up harness would make it easier to control her body movement and prevent her from hurting herself. My 68lb mutt is in his 4th week of recovering from a total hip replacement and even on trazadone the new snowfall in upstate New York has brought out the desire to zoom in him as well. By holding onto the hip part of the harness and having a collar and leash to control the front half we are able to safely keep him from picking up any speed and jeopardizing his new hip.

    1. Ah, pick her up like a shopping bag ... that could work! :-)


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