Sunday, January 3, 2016

Do You Know Which Plants Could Kill Your Dog?

Do you know which plants are poisonous to your dog? 

I still remember how freaked out I was when Cookie started feeling ill and I discovered she might have chewed up or eaten something that looked a lot like Belladonna. I was pretty freaked out when I got on the phone with Pet Poison Helpline. Fortunately, the plant was just the same family and not as poisonous and few hours later Cookie was all fine again.

It was a big scare, though.

Our dogs have no interest in eating plants with exception of grass and it has to timothy grass. But when Cookie is trying to get at a critter, she'll rip out sod and roots and whatever is in the way. We didn't plant anything in our yard but the Bittersweet Nightshade kept making its way from neighbor's yard. We removed all the plants but didn't think of the roots.

Sometimes people plant things because they look pretty, not realizing how toxic they can be.

Knowing which plants to stay away from or at least keep them out of reach can save your dog's life.

Dr. Justine Lee posted an awesome infographic of poisonous plants in a glance.

The information comes from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for dog and cat owners.

Know which plants could kill your dog and when it doubt, do what I did. Call Pet Poison Helpline or contact ASPCA Animal Poison Control immediately. And don't forget to check out their free app.

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