Cookie's New Injury Update

Getting such an unexpected setback was heart breaking. Cookie was back to house arrest and she looked so terrible. It must have been really sore. And while each day we hoped that the next day it's going to be much better, for two weeks it wasn't.

Cookie's physical therapist was on holidays.

There should be a law against that! We kept up with the laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments but the leg wasn't having none of that. For two weeks.

Then there was some light in the tunnel.

After two weeks of getting nowhere we figured that maybe all that rest wasn't the best thing for Cookie after all. And if nothing else, it didn't seem that getting out and having some fun could possibly make things any worse.

I was still hesitant to try (what if it did make things worse). I got to talk with Sue, which was a blessing. She felt that perhaps Cookie should get to move around more, and get to go outside a bit. So we tried a short walk.

By the looks of it, Cookie wasn't any worse off for it, she actually looked better.

So we reinstated her short walks which made Cookie very happy. For now, it's hubby who's taking her because she is more subdued with him and he's more able to get her to settle down than I would. Mommy is all fun and games which is great but not in situations like this.

Cookie is getting two short walks a day once again.

The leg has still been sore by the end of the day but much less so and looks much better during the day. As long as we can keep her from doing something silly, I think we should be moving in the right direction once again.

We were going to see the orthopedic specialist last Saturday but the weather and road conditions made it impossible. And while I felt bad about missing the appointment, sadly, I wasn't all that unhappy.

We also had to stop the NSAIDs.

I don't like using them in the first place but with the leg looking so painful I felt I had to try keep the pain and inflammation in check. Thought it didn't look like it wasn't doing anything at all, what if it was and she'd be even more lame and painful without them?

Once we got to a point that Cookie's leg looked quite good so we figured we won't give the Deramaxx that night. And she was much more sore the next day. It could have been because she made another attempt at zoomies with JD, or it could be because she didn't get the meds.

Just in case it was the meds, I gave it again and decided to lower the dose gradually instead.

But last few days Cookie's appetite was dwindling and her belly got quite unhappy.

Which was the lesser of the evils? I had already lowered the dose some so we decided not to give any. The next morning Cookie was hungry and her system seemed much happier. The leg didn't seem to get worse so we'll see. She is still on all the integrative herbs and other supplements so hopefully they can finish up the job.

This week finally Cookie's physical therapist is back!

We got two back-to-back appointments. Hopefully she can shed some light on what happened and how to best go from there. I'm so happy she's back. Otherwise we had good mind driving down South to have Jasmine's vet see her. Cookie would hate the long long ride but it would be the best thing to do. We both agree with that.

Hopefully we can get where we need to without that.

But if something else goes wrong, that's what we're going to do.

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  1. Glad to hear Cookie was getting better. I can imagine how frustrating it was to not be able to access her therapist when you needed. We haven't needed a physical therapist yet. Reading posts like this at least helps me to be prepared if we ever do.

    1. It was so frustrating. Firstly because it happened at all and then because we didn't really have anybody who could effectively help us deal with that. We did see her vet and got a rough diagnosis but she doesn't specialize in this kind of stuff so couldn't offer a whole lot more than that.

      Down South there were more options. But up here I'm just happy that the rehab center is available at all in the first place. Just the timing of the holiday was very unfortunate.


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