Our First Declined Trupanion Claim

We jumped on the pet health insurance wagon late in the year 2012. 

After our experiences and the huge expense with Jasmine's medical care we decided to insure JD. He was still perfectly healthy with no medical record, it was time to do that.

Having our dogs fully covered became a high priority.

We would not have been able to cover any more medical disasters out of our pockets which were now more than empty. We're still trying to get out of all the debt we got into.

It was so important to us we even decided to pass on the first girl we were going to adopt because of her murky medical records. There was too much there which could make almost anything she'd come down with later on a pre-existing condition.

Cookie had a clean slate and we insured her immediately after adoption.

While I do feel that the premiums are relatively high, I like that with Trupanion coverage EVERYTHING is covered. Any diagnostic or treatment you can come up with is covered. With our extended plan, this also includes alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, physical therapy, even hyperbaric chamber therapy ... if you can think of it, it is covered.

Since then we have made a number of claims for both Cookie's and JD's medical care.

Cookie's pancreatitis treatment, treatment of her sore leg, diagnostics of her elevated ALT ... as well as JD's mast cell tumor treatment.

All diagnostics and treatment of Cookie's iliopsoas injury are also covered.

Until we claimed Cookie's chiropractic treatment.

Here is the interesting bit. It was declined not because chiropractic treatment isn't covered, or because it was not a treatment indicated for Cookie.

It wasn't covered because "the chiropractic work was not done by a veterinarian or in a veterinary clinic under the supervision of a veterinarian."

Unfortunately, up we don't have much choice. There is only one chiropractor doing animal chiropractic far and wide. She is a medical doctor and human chiropractor who is licensed for animal chiropractic. She studied at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre, where, as it happens, our last chiropractor teaches.

But, she indeed is not a veterinarian and does not provide the treatments in a veterinary clinic.

I am trying to argue my point but it doesn't seem I'll have much success with that.

Rules are rules, I guess, and with large corporations they don't bend. I don't really blame Trupanion for sticking strictly to their rules even though I might not agree with them. I can see why such a rule would be in place.

There isn't much we can do about this since Cookie does need the chiropractic care and this is our only option and we are thankful to have it available.

If you do have a choice, though, be careful not to get caught in such a technicality.

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  1. Gosh that stinks, but it's wonderful that so many other things are covered. We don't have the insurance on either of our dogs so the chiropractic comes directly out of our pockets. At our vet's clinic I think it's about $55 a visit, which isn't too terrible if I'm only taking him a couple of times a month.

    I'm sending good thoughts that Cookie recovers quickly.

    1. Yeah, it does. Particularly since chiropractic IS covered if it was done under those conditions. Except up here we cannot meet those. It's not extremely expensive, so that helps, even though we've been doing it weekly for last couple of months.

      I do hope Cookie gets all well soon, she really wants her freedom back. But we need to take it slow so she doesn't set herself back.

  2. That's really good to know. I have Trupanion and was thinking of increasing our premium for the alternative therapies plan. I wonder if it's the same for acupuncture and laser treatments? I imagine so but I know that a lot of doctors performing the treatments on pets are not veterinarians. Hopefully they see your point.

    1. Yes, the additional plan includes all alternative therapies you might want to use. I'm pretty sure the rule applies to all of them. Fortunately, we are good with the laser and acupuncture and all the other things. It's just the chiropractic we weren't unable to find a veterinarian who does that.


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