Should You Give Your Dog Pepto Bismol for Upset Stomach?

People ask this question a lot. A dog has an upset stomach and you want to help them feel better. I get it. I have never used it myself; I always worry about potentially doing more damage than there already is.

The pink, flavored stuff doesn't strike me as something I would give my dog.

My dogs, when their stomach is upset, like to either throw up and get rid of the offending stuff, or eat some grass and abstain from food. I go with what they think is a good idea because it's been working.

When Cookie's stomach was upset and she was also lethargic and looking ill, instead of trying to treat it at home, I chose seeing a vet asap. It turned out that she had pancreatitis.

My thinking is that either it's a minor stomach upset that will clear up quickly on its own or it's a problem that needs to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Some veterinarians are okay with people giving Pepto Bismol to their dogs, some warn against it. Just like some veterinarians condone using aspiring and some don't. That's because Pepto Bismol contains aspirin.

Some dogs might do fine with that and some might not.

So could you give your dog Pepto Bismol? Technically, you could. But I wouldn't.

If you are going to use it, dosage is extremely important. Please don't use it without talking to your vet first. Don't give any medications without talking to your vet first.

First, do no harm.

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