I'm a Dog. I am Beautiful the Way I Was Born. Please, PLEASE Get a Barbie Doll!

To each their own. That's normally what I live by, unless they're hurting somebody. But as it seems, on our quest to improve the way our dogs look, we manage to do just that--hurt them. Be it through breeding with disregard to function and health or be it by coming up with yet new ways of dressing them up.

We don't put anything on our dogs that they don't need. 

Things we do put on our dogs include collars, harnesses, coat to keep warm after being shaved for medical procedure in the Winter, safety jacket for boating ... Collars and harnesses we choose are the simplest out there so they interfere with the natural look as little as possible.

I think that dogs are beautiful just the way they are.

But many people don't seem to share that sentiment. Apparently there is a new dog fashion trend out there, "dog bun."

Somebody got the bright idea that tying dogs' ears with a rubber band into a bun would be a great fashion statement.

Seriously, people?

"She's my fur baby. So, I don't have a child; she's my child. So I'm gonna put ribbons in my kid's hair one day, why not put them in hers."

Just curious--are you gonna put ribbons in your kid's hair one day if it is a boy?

I don't have a child and my dog is my child too. But ...

I spoil my dogs rotten. Which seems to have nice symmetry to it, since they are Rottweilers. I spoil them in a way they can appreciate. I spoil them rotten by giving them things they want. Long walks, play, good food ... I doubt they'd appreciate me tying their ears into a bun and putting a ribbon on them. In fact, I know they wouldn't.

In fact, not only they wouldn't appreciate it, it would hurt them!

The rubber band can cut off blood supply to the ears and the whole top of the ears could die. It is not only unnatural and uncomfortable, but it is painful. This fashion trend can cause serious and costly injuries.

Yet, the trend seems to be taking off.

If you really have the urge to do such things, please, do your dog a favor and get a Barbie doll!

If people want to mutilate themselves for the sake of looks, more power to them. But let's not do these things to our dogs!


  1. We're with you 100%! Thanks for writing this—so many people treat their pets like they're inanimate objects or little humans rather than their own unique and beautiful species.

    1. Thank you for your support, Bocci. Even though I disagree with the concept I usually just keep my mouth shut when people dress up their dogs ... as long as it's not hurting them. But sometimes it is actually hurting them and this is one of the times.

  2. I had heard of the bun craze but didn't realize people were pulling their dog's ears back! How can anyone think that might not hurt the dog?

    Haley's not crazy about being dressed up unless it's a bandana or something really simple. I agree with you that dogs are perfect just the way they are and a lot more comfortable too.

    Lately, I've been seeing lots of dogs on Instagram that are wearing pajamas, so that must be a tread now too.

    1. Yeah, I don't know who gets these ideas and how they take. But it's a very bad idea. Pajamas is harmless, I suppose, though I'm quite sure our guys would not appreciate that either.


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