Happy Adoptoversary, Cookie.

Happy Adoptoversary, Cookie! 

Today you've been with us two years. Does it feel that long to you?

It's as if you always belonged here and I think you feel the same way.

The day we met Cookie.

First time at the horse farm

Cookie and her new brother, JD

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Making friends

Going for a ride

Cookie's focus face before a pounce into the bush

Sleepy time

At Jasmine's ranch

What we usually get to see of Cookie when outside

The warrior Rotthound with her prize

Tired after a long day of hunting

Walks are awesome too

Jolly balls too

And tadpole hunts

And helping in the kitchen

And hoses

And chilling - but not really - looking out for next prey
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  1. Beautiful dogs and talented photographer

  2. Aww, she is so pretty. Can't believe it's been two years already. About how old is Cookie? She is definitely fitting right in. Such a happy girl. Enjoyed all the cute photos.

    1. She is really pretty and insanely cute; bad for mommy ;-) She's about 3,5 years old now.

  3. Beautiful girl!! Seriously? Two years already?? Happy Gotcha Day to you both!

    1. Thank you, Kim. Yes, she's a heart-breaker :-) Can't believe it's been too years either.


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