Saturday, July 11, 2015

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: How Much Would You Pay for Your Dog? and more ...

What Would Your Veterinarian Do? Is It Fair To Ask?

It's a question veterinarians seem to hate. And yet, it appears to be a perfectly good question to ask. In fact, in my profession, I'm happy if somebody asks me what would I do if it were up to me.

Yes, I asked Jasmine's vet this question too.

If it was your dog, what would you do?

While I was trying to grasp the situation and our options, he had a perfectly good understanding of the problem and available solutions. Surely, if it was his dog, he'd chosen the best one. I wanted to know which option that was. The best option.

But is it really that simple? There is more to the answer than clinical judgement.

Since then, I've learned to get as many opinions as I can get but make my own decisions. But the day might come again, when I'll want to know what my veterinarian would do if it were her dog.

How Much Would You Pay for Your Dog?

I know the answer to this question really well. Everything we have and more. We are still trying to get out of debt after Jasmine's medical expenses. We did what we felt was the best thing to do for her. We never turned down a great treatment because of the cost. Since Jasmine was 5 years old, we spent around $75,000 dollars on her veterinary bills.

Clearly, we cannot do this again. We got insurance for our guys now and hopefully that will get us over any medical hurdles.

Read Dr. Justine Lee's story.

Behavior Modification - TTouch®

TTouch is one of the things I'm quite interested in. I was trying to see whether it would help with Jasmine's episodes. I would love to have a day with somebody who really knows what they're doing and learn to do it properly. So far I was just messing with the idea.

Tellington TTouch® was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones as a method of behavioral modification and animal treatment without the use of force. Today, it is used on animals and people to reduce tension and also treat some stress related problems.

I think it would be a great skill to have under one's belt.

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