Dog Days of Summer: Cookie Gets Her Sprinkler

Daddy promised and daddy delivered a sprinkler. Well, it's not really a sprinkler but rather a glorified hose with a fancy attachment.

As it seems, doing it this way is actually more fun.

At least Cookie thought so.

It's been very hot and it hard to have some serious fun in this weather. But hunting a water stream made my wish come true - Cookie having a lot of fun without getting overheated.

We have to give kudos to daddy because he set this up where there is no running water. He filled a large barrel with water and set it up with a pump and a hose.

Does it look like Cookie is enjoying this?

She seemed a bit cautious at first but it turns out she prefers the stronger stream to soft spray. Probably that the stream gives her something to hunt.

She had a blast and got nicely wet which kept her from getting too hot.

We did this for a while and then went for a little walk. On the way back Cookie ran straight to the hose, looking for more fun with the water.

To me that was the best testament to how much fun she really has with that.

So we played with it some more.

JD didn't want to have anything to do with it and observed from a safe distance. He's not really so keen on water. We'll see whether we can convince him to have some fun with it too.

Cookie says, "Thank you, daddy."

A note of caution: if you're going to play with your dog this way, make sure that you drain the hose of any water that was within it. Sitting out on the sun the water in the hose can get really hot. Run the water for a little bit to make sure fresh cool water comes out before letting your dog play with it.

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  1. haha She's having a ball!

    1. Yes, the way she enjoys it exceeded my expectations :-)


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