The Importance of Observation: Cookie's Chiropractic Adjustment

With Jasmine, I learned to watch for problems. I didn't even have to see her limping, I could hear it. I could tell whether she was limping on front or rear leg and how much.

This habit of paranoid observation spilled over to JD and Cookie as well. 

Even more so with Cookie, because she started her life with us lame on her hind leg on the second day. It looked so much like a busted knee, my heart stopped. Fortunately, it was all from a piece of porcupine quill hidden in her foot.

Shortly after, an encounter with an electric horse fence ended up with a limp again.

We also found on from x-rays that she had an old pelvic injury, which might be contributing to her getting hurt easier. It was an old injury, never treated though I can't imagine how it could have gone unnoticed.

The fact is that her back end is a bit off, even though it doesn't slow her down much.

We started chiropractic adjustments for her after the initial period of limping because of the porcupine quill. Since then we get her adjusted regularly.

However, the other day I noticed something I wasn't sure what to make of. She jumped off the couch, rushing to the door to greet our friend and I thought I saw her bunny hop couple of times on the way. All looked normal after that. But the observation got filed in my mind and I was watching more carefully.

There was no visible limping.

But for the next couple of day, every now and then, things didn't look right. You know, that kind of thing when you can't quite put your finger on it but still you know.

I could have shrugged it off since she wasn't lame, wasn't slowing down and wasn't complaining. But I had my suspicion that something got tweaked.

I made a chiropractic appointment for her for Monday, just to be on the safe side.

Sure as shooting, she had a serious tweak in her sacroiliac joint lower back were quite off. She actually yelped when the chiropractor touched one of the spots. That never happened before and clearly it was more painful than usually.

The chiropractor adjusted it, then went over it again at the end of the visit to make sure it's happy. It was.

How much pain was that causing Cookie we'll never know.

But I'm pretty sure it would have been quite painful. With her enthusiasm for physical activity, she wouldn't let it slow her down but was compensating for it.

I feel it still needs to be revisited some time soon. But I'm glad I did believe my instinct that something was off.

Is the pelvis behind all that?

Perhaps. Sounds like a reasonable assumption. With that, and Cookie's activity level, I can see she'll be seeing her chiropractor for her entire life. It is something we're going to have to stay on top of.

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