Foxtails: See How It Travels

Foxtails, however innocent they might look, are a huge hazard. 

They can be found anywhere and they just love to hitch a ride.

They don't discriminate. Paws, mouth, ears, nose, chest, belly are all fair game. And they don't stop where they penetrate. They like to travel through the tissues.

We all hear about it. But seeing a foxtail travel path is something else.

The x-ray on the left is of a foxtail tract that was injected with contrast medium to show just how far a foxtail can...
Posted by Brentwood Veterinary Hospital on Monday, June 15, 2015

Foxtails can lead to abscesses, they can puncture organs, cause a lung to collapse ... And they can be hard to find.

A foxtail can kill your dog.

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