Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Best Practices after Your Dog's Surgery, Getting Free Veterinary Help and more ...

Best Practices After Your Dog’s Surgery 

Having your dog undergo any kind of surgery is always scary. What happens after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. It is important for things to heal properly and avoid injuries. Post-op rehabilitation period can make or break the success of any surgical procedure.

I still talk to many people who bring their dog home after surgery without any instructions whatsoever. If your vet doesn't give you any instructions, demand them. You need to know what to watch for, how to care for the incision, what your dog is or isn't allowed to do and what type of physical therapy they'll need.

My Top Ten Tips on how to convince your vet to help you even if your wallet is empty

Too often people turn to the internet for help with a dog in real trouble citing they cannot afford to take them to the vet. Some things can be treated at home but some things cannot.

What to do if your dog needs medical attention but there is no money in your wallet? There are organizations that help out with vet bills, but what if you don't qualify? Dr. Krista offers ten awesome tips to convince your vet to help you even if you have no money.

Bugging out: How to Keep Flying Insects Off Your Pets

One great thing about Winter is that it's a bug-free season. With Spring, the bugs start coming out. Up here it's the black flies first, followed by mosquitoes and deer flies. The black fly season doesn't last long but they try to make up for it in veracity. We're still experimenting with best ways of keeping the blood suckers off our dogs, and not as importantly, off ourselves.

Dr. Khuly has some great suggestions on protecting dogs from the buzzing nuisance. I'm quite interested in the Lemon-Eucalyptus oil products. Just learned about it and apparently it's supposed to be much effective than DEET, which I would never put on my dogs and I don't like using on myself because of second-hand exposure.

Antifreeze antidote withdrawn

I'm not very happy about this one. The only commercial antidote for ethylene glycol poisoning is off the market. There are alternatives but not as good.

5 Best Treatments For Your Pet's Allergies

It seems that every other dog is allergic to something. Jasmine had some environmental and some food allergies. We were considering immuno therapy but as things worked out, never got to actually try it.

JD and Cookie seem to be doing well so far. Some dogs, though, go through hell and back with allergies.Dr. Patrick offers five great tips on how to keep allergies at bay.