Saturday, May 9, 2015

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Poop Talk, Beach Safety and more ...

What You Should Know About Your Pet's Poop

Thanks to Jasmine's IBD, I'm one of those people obsessed with dog poop. I observe and analyze it every time, even now with Cookie. I keep a chart of any changes and abnormalities. I pay attention to consistency, color, coating and contents.

As silly as it might sound, your dog's poop can provide a lot of important information. Find out what you should know about your dog's poop.

The Four Most Dangerous Words in Veterinary Medicine

I mentioned in my Lumps and Bumps article how I think about the watch and see approach when it comes to lumps and bumps you might find on your dog. Honestly I don't like to watch and see anything when it comes to my dog's health. But when it comes to lumps and bumps it's even more crucial not to just sit there and watch them grow. Dr. Sue Ettinger feels very strongly about the subject. She's not the only one.

I think every veterinary oncologist would tell you not to wait but aspirate.

Beach Dog Safety Tips 

It's getting hot fast. Vacations are coming up. Swimming and spending time on the beach are great to share with your dog. But every fun is only as good as it is safe.

Heart Disease – Maybe They’re Born With It…Maybe Not

Heart disease can manifest in different ways but often results in lethargy, cough and reluctance t exercise and play. Bruin first started refusing going up the stairs. He seemed to have become stubborn, ignoring requests, particularly coming when called.

Learn more about heart disease in dogs; congenital or acquired.

Heartworm: A real and present danger

I admit this parasite scares me. While I'm happy to fiddle around with natural prevention of fleas or ticks, not overly worry about intestinal parasites, I don't mess around when it comes to heartworm. I test annually and I use official preventive year round.

Find out what Dr. Dodds' thoughts are on the subject.

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