Saturday, April 25, 2015

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: More Influenza Info and more

Canine Influenza – What You Need To Know!

Probably the most comprehensive article on the subject I've seen so far. Provides information about what canine influenza is, how it spreads, clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment.

Canine Influenza Outbreak: Is Your Dog Safe? 

For a short, sweet and to the point version, check out Dr. Andy Roark's Cone of Shame video. One crucial take home point? If you suspect your dog got influenza, give your vet heads-up instead of just showing up. This will allow them to prepare and minimize risk to other dogs.

Understanding Your Pet’s Blood, Tissue and Urine Laboratory Results

I always like to take a look at all my dogs' lab results. I want to see what's going on with my own eyes and understand what is going one. If you're like me, this article will give you good basic understanding what the lab results values mean.

Skunk Spray Health Effects and Getting Rid of the Smell

Having your dog sprayed by a skunk is an extremely unpleasant situation. Particularly when they manage to shoot through the door right into the house.

With Jasmine, we dodged the bullet couple of times, when she was trying to convince a skunk to play with her. While unimpressed by her advances, neither of them ever sprayed her.

However, besides being a stinky annoyance, skunk spray can actually make your dog sick.
"Skunk spray has even been used as a biologic weapon — to disperse crowds and to cause injury." ~petMD
Find out how can skunk spray affect your dog.

Should I let my pet die at home?

I admit I only know a few people who ever did or considered doing that. While letting your dog die on their own sounds kind of good, it might not always be the best thing to do for your dog. When Jasmine was really miserable, in pain, and with no good prognosis, we decided to set her free. Letting her suffer for no other reason than allowing nature take its own course was not acceptable to us.
"Contrary to what you think, it really is a gift to be able to prevent your dog or cat from reaching that point of shock and dehydration before humanely putting them to sleep," ~Dr. Justine Lee.

I have to agree with that.

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