Saturday, April 4, 2015

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Spring Poisons and more

Spring Pet Poisons

There were never many flowers anywhere we lived. And even though I love flowers, I'm not a gardener and I would always choose safety over beauty. The only concern we ever had were Lillies of the Valley. The trails we used to go for walks, the ground was covered with them every Spring. Be careful and know the poisonous beauties.

Ask a Vet: Why Are Toy Magnets So Dangerous to Dogs?

Would it occur to you that magnets can be extremely dangerous for your dog? One single magnet likely won't do any harm. But if there are more of them ...

5 Reasons Your Dog is Extremely Hungry

A hungry dog is a healthy dog, right? But there is such thing as a dog who is too hungry. Too hungry for it to make sense. If your dog just can't get enough food, you might be looking at a medical problem.

Diabetes Mellitus: Part III – Monitoring & Insulin Handling

A dog with diabetes can live a happy life. The key to it is effective management.  Starting from insulin storage and handling to careful monitoring. It's scary but it can be done.

Why Are You Still Buying Jerky Treats?

Jerky treats had been a problem since 2007. I was believed that only those made in China were the dangerous ones. But now reports are coming in about dogs getting sick from jerky made in USA as well. And nobody yet knows what is happening.

The answer to the problem is so simple. Stop buying them. If your dog love jerky treats and you don't want them to have to live without them, make your own.


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