Sunday, April 12, 2015

Not Really Gone and Definitely Not Forgotten: A Letter to Jasmine

Jasmine Rade August, 3 2003 - April 12, 2013

My love, it's been two years today since you were set free from your ailing body. I know your spirit remains with us. I know you're with Cookie too, coaching her in mischief.

You must be proud of her.

She does a great job walking in your footprints and carrying your torch. She makes sure your training of mommy doesn't get wasted and started advanced training me in bunny tracking and other high intensity activities.

Every now and then she does something we know she's got from you.

It's too bad you two missed each other in the physical world, I know you'd have a great time together.

JD too is happy to have somebody to follow; he was pretty lost after you were gone. Just like he was learning from you, he's now learning from Cookie even though she's younger. Not that he's learning anything that would be good for mommy and daddy ... but it makes him happy to have a role model. So now he's hunting mice just like Cookie does.

Maybe he also knows that you're with her.

This year we will set up your drinking rock under the spruce trees you liked. We will continue turning your ranch into a dog park, though now we have some new considerations - having to leave some hunting grounds for Cookie. One day, hopefully we'll also finally dig out the pond. I so wished we could have had it for you, you would have loved it. Sorry it hasn't worked out. But it will be there one day. I don't know if Cookie enjoys water and swimming as much as you did; we only saw her swim once.

She's a good swimmer.

This Winter we also finally got the see all of the place which wouldn't have been possible during any other season (at least not yet). Lots of stuff to clean up. There are some nice places in the back, though, and even something what might be a lake. We'll have to find out how deep it is and what the water is like once the ice melts. It's a good size, though.

There are places with some nice big trees in the back of the property.

Lot's of bunnies. There was a fox sneaking around; Cookie was very unhappy about that. Bunch of moose too. Now, with the snow melting we can see all the piles of moose poop. I wonder if you'd like that, having liked horse poop so much.

You would have liked winter at your ranch.

Lot's of snow ... there is still some on the ground in places. I remember how each spring you sought out every tiny little pile left.

You would have had a lot of fun with all the puddles now with the snow melting. I hope you get to experience some of these things through Cookie.

Maybe try to teach her some good things some time, such as sticking around closer with mommy and daddy. Though when you were her age you were more adventurous as well. It was with time that you developed your invisible leash.

Life was much easier then; we always knew where you were going to be.

With Cookie we have to be on our toes at all times. Gotta let her live life, though, don't we? Her drive is so strong. All it took with you was to see one squirrel run up a tree and you lost interest in trying to chase them. Why chase something you're not going to catch, right? Well, Cookie doesn't care, she's just gonna keep trying. One day she'll learn how to climb trees, I bet.

Wouldn't that be a funny 911 call?

Could somebody please come a get my dog off a tree? You know Cookie is a very smart girl but her drive gets the best of her. I wonder if she'll grow out of that some. Though, other than her frustration, I don't mind her chasing after squirrels. At least I know she's not going anywhere far.

We also discovered a couple new trails you would have liked very much.

One of them goes to real, big lake and it's not all that far. They fixed the road some. It was one of those we wanted to take you swimming but it was impossible to get there then. The other one is quite scenic and makes for at least two-hour walk. I know you'd loved that.

I'll be quite a while yet before your ranch gets to where it needs to be.

There is so much work still. But we'll keep on working and we do have more trails there now than we used to. The way Cookie is teaching mommy trash through the bush, though, soon we might not need any ... Well, daddy still needs them.

I spoil Cookie appropriately, you must be pleased with that. She too mastered the use of puppy eyes. There is no turning them down.

"Life is precious and short but love conquers death."

I love you as I always have. Thank you for the time we had with you and thank you for urging me to adopt Cookie. She truly is the perfect one to be your legacy.

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  1. Aww, what a sweet letter. I still miss my girl, Abby, so much and I think she had a paw in bringing Rita to us. Like Cookie, Rita does things now and then that remind me so much of Abby, I feel like she's channeling Ab sometimes.

    1. Aww; it's amazing how things sometimes work out, isn't it?

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Jasmine, they always leave us far too soon. I'm glad you have two wonderful furbabies to follow in her footsteps.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Yes, they never live long enough. Cookie is a true protege, though.

  3. That is a very touching letter to Jasmine. She'll be forever in your heart.

  4. Absolutely beautiful letter! It is amazing how even though we have the pain of loosing them, they leave us with so many wonderful memories and lessons. We are much better for having loved them.

    1. We have tons of wonderful memories of Jasmine. And we can truly see her influence in Cookie too.

  5. Precious letter. My mom still misses her Trine as if it were yesterday she left, but it has been 11 years. Gone, but never forgotten.

    1. Thank you, Emma. Give a hug to your mom from us.

  6. Awww, very sweet letter. Sometimes I think of writing one to Jewel, but I know I would just cry and cry and cry.

  7. So touching. If only our babies lived as long as we do.

  8. What a sweet idea, I wonder if writing one on Memphis' one year mark after passing will help.

    1. I think it might. Why don't you try? If you find it hurts more than it is helping, you don't have to finish it.