Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Ear Care, Poisoning and more

What to do if Your Pet is Poisoned

When it comes to poisoning, time is of the essence. Would you know what to do? We all think we do but do we really? Let's get a refresher.

Ear Cleaning and Care for Chronic Otitis Pups

Jasmine never had an ear infection. Cookie had a mild one once and has been doing well since. Many dogs, however, keep getting ear infections back-to-back. Ear infections hurt. I know, I had it. And no, putting vanilla yogurt into the ear isn't a good way to treat them.

Check out Dr. Krista's recommendations on how to tackle ear infections.

White Blood Cells – Elevation Does Not Always Mean Infection!

White blood cells are the body's defense troops. The defend it against invaders such as infections or cancer. It only makes sense that if your dog gets an infection, white blood cell count will go up. But it's not always as simple.

An elevated white blood cell count doesn't automatically mean there is an infection. What else could it mean then?

Curing or Palliating Chronic Diarrhea

To me, any chronic problem, including diarrhea, has a reason behind it. The best way to treat it is by treating the reason. However, sometimes alleviating the symptom in the meantime makes sense. So what is one to do? Go for a cure. And check out some palliative solutions until you find it.

Why Do We Need to Give Treats to Our Pets?

Ha, for me, this is an easy answer - because it makes them happy. Treats also make a great training tool. I know people who believe that dogs don't need treats, period. Well, at least during training they do. What do you think?

Check out Dr. Tudor's thoughts.