Saturday, February 7, 2015

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Why Do Different Oncologist Use Different Protocols and More

'Why Do Different Doctors Treat Pet Cancer Differently?' and Other Questions Answered
Why do different oncologists have different protocols/cutoff blood counts for treatments, or administer treatments differently? Isn’t there a treatment for my pet’s cancer that comes in a pill form? My dog was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he/she is not acting sick. Isn’t it better to wait to start treatment until they are showing signs of their disease? Read Dr. Joanne Intile's answers to these and other questions.

7 Home Remedies for Your Dog
We all love home remedies. But how many of them would your vet be comfortable with? Find out which home remedies petMD recommends.

Stages of Pet Periodontal Disease
February is dental health month. This article will help you better understand the stages of periodontal disease and how can your dog's mouth be properly evaluated.

Is Zeuterin a Good Choice For Your Dog?
Neutering without surgery? Is it a good choice for your dog? Find out at Speaking for Spot blog.

Fear and Guilt. Why these won't help your pet get better
Guilt and fear are the ugly step sisters to love. Fear is only useful when you're being chased by a lion. Guilt is generally good for nothing. How does one overcome these for the benefit of their dog's well-being?

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