Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Getting a Better Deal at the Pet ER and More

How to Get the Best Deal at the Pet ER

It is great that pet emergency hospitals exist. But sometimes visiting one can become quite a nightmare on many different levels. Cost aside, we had a horrible experience when we took Jasmine to ER after her drug-induced hyperthermia. That said, I'm still glad they're out there. Dr. Krista offer some great tips on what to do when you have to take your dog to the pet ER.

Why Do Spays Cost So Much?
Actually, knowing what goes into doing it right, I don't think they cost so much. But along with dental work for their dogs, many owners believe that these services are highly overpriced. Are they?

The Immune System's Complicated Relationship with Cancer
It is the immune system's job to protect the body from anything that doesn't belong, be it invaders from the outside or cancerous cells. Why and how do cancer cells evade the body's defenses?

All Fiber is Not the Same
All fiber isn't the same and different types of fiber have different function. What is the difference between insoluble and soluble fiber and what are the benefits of each?

Low Platelets – Unraveling The Mystery of Persnickety Cells
Platelets are found in the blood and their main job is to assist in blood clotting. Low levels of functional platelets can result in spontaneous bleeding. What are the causes of low platelets? And how is it treated?