Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Scoop On Periodontal Disease

I wish I took my own dental care as seriously as I take my dogs'. Seriously, folks, it is so important.

Did you know that simple ordinary gum disease could actually even kill your dog?

Not mentioning the pain oral disease can cause. Ever had a toothache? It hurts your dog exactly the same.

There is another thing that I found quite upsetting. Recently there was a post on Dog Health Issues about a dog with ongoing severe mouth problems - horrible smell, smacking his lips, drooling, lethargy and on and off fever.

Vet discovered gum infection and put the dog on antibiotics.

Things improved but shortly after finishing the meds problems returned. The vet cleaned the teeth but did no x-rays. Long and behold, things improved for a while only for the problems to start shortly after. So back on antibiotics ...

Turns out the vet is not equipped to do dental x-rays.

But they do dental cleanings ... ?

We ALWAYS have dental x-rays done with every cleaning. And they ALWAYS revealed things that would not have been seen otherwise.

I would NEVER had the teeth just cleaned without having a proper look under the surface.

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  1. Definitely! Since they have to put your dog out to do the cleaning, it's crazy not to have x-rays done at the same time in case there's a more serious problem that needs to be addressed.

    1. Particularly since this dog clearly has a problem. I was quite shocked to find out no x-rays were done at any point.