One Thing I Love About Winter: I See What They "See"

Dogs spend good deal of their lives with their noses to the ground. 

So many things to sniff, so little time. We do have the patience for it and let them sniff what they feel they must investigate.

I imagine that to them it's like watching a surveillance tape.

They get to see everything that's gone on in their absence. For the most part of the year, we remain clueless as to why they want to sniff that spot or drag us in a certain direction.

In the Winter, what they see becomes visible to us also.

I find that very exciting as if I can connect with them better knowing exactly what they're interested in. Yellow snow over here, bunny track over there ...

Once season a year I get to see through their noses.

Well, to some degree. We can see what it was and which way it went. Can't really tell how long ago that happened. Our guys can, though. Many perfectly visible, clear tracks leave the uninterested (too old), while others, even barely visible, get them all excited. Clearly, those were very fresh.

Yep, those tracks above were mouse tracks.
Fresh ones, apparently.

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  1. Good point! Now that you mention it, I also loved that about winter. I'm terrible at knowing which animal left what tracks, but at least I can tell *something* was there!

    1. Some tracks are definitely easier to recognize than others :-) Moose, deer ...

  2. It's fun to see so many tracks in the snow and see what our dogs sometimes only smell. A few weeks ago I saw a bobcat for the first time (which is really unusual for this area of Ohio) and I probably wouldn't have spotted him as easily if the ground wasn't covered with snow. It gave me goosebumps and I keep looking for him, but haven't seen him since.

    1. The snow gives us some of the "doggy vision" :-)


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