Gluing A Small Wound?

When Cookie cut her paw pad, I was double-checking best ways of taking care of the wound and getting it healed fast. I did find some articles on the internet that mentioned crazy glue. Of course, that just sounded down-right crazy.

When I turned to the Dog Health Issues Facebook group, super glue came up again.

This time from a respected vet technician. While some other feedback also considered this crazy, I was intrigued.

"You can super glue the laceration closed. Just make sure it's a new super glue so that it is not contaminated. Clean the area well, pat dry and super glue the laceration shut. It is basically the same as surgical glue just not sterilized ...

There is a medical grade super glue that you can get that works on pads. My dumb dumb fur kid cut hers about 2" across...took her to the emergency vet and they closed it with superglue. 300 dollars later.... she cut the other pad the next day (I crawled the yard on all 4s to find a broken unearthed bottle on old land) and we glued it ourselves ...

I have closed many a wounds with super glue, work beautifully."

It was already late for us to try because the wound was no longer fresh and I was afraid of contamination. 

However, I did ask Jasmine's vet and he actually didn't think it was such a crazy idea at all.

"Cut pads are hard to heal because every time they put weight on it , the edges are pushed apart. Glue is unlikely to hold edges together but can act as a bandage to attempt to protect skin cells trying to heal..."
He was skeptical about whether it would be effective enough but didn't think it was a crazy idea.

So that's quite interesting. Perhaps if Cookie ever cuts her pad again, we might take her in and have it professionally cleaned and glued, depending on the wound.

The bandaging route we chose works fairly well but it's a long process.

The glue might or might not have worked better.

At different location, such as in the video, it could maybe work quite well.