We Still Have Two Dogs: A "Pilot Study" Part Two

We still have two dogs!

Every night we drink to that. Every day I worry but Cookie has been doing really well using her freedom wisely. She's been a very good girl.

She loves her family.

That's where she wants to be. And the more adventures we have together, the better she sticks around. She's really good going through the bush.

Every now and then she finds a fresh track and she'll follow it. But comes back well and stays away for shorter and shorter periods of time.

I'm coming, momma.

You can always tell how fresh the track is.

Sometimes we see a track in the show and Cookie couldn't care less. When it's fresh, though, she  switches into a high gear. At first she'll run around back and forth, figuring out which way the animal went. And then she's off like a bullet. She doesn't care much whether it's a mouse or a moose.

As long as she's heading off into the bush, we just let her go.

Only when she'd run towards the road we stop her. And she's done well with that too. Looks like we found the way of having our cake and eating it too. Except my worries. But I'll have to get over that.

Cookie couldn't be happier.

And she knows she can have both freedom and companionship and doesn't have to choose between the two.

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