Tira's Struggle With Genetics

Tira is a beautiful Pekingese, born in a puppy mill. Her parents got her from a pet store, unaware of where she actually came from.

Tira's problems started early on.

Her third eyelid prolapsed when she was just a few months old. Their vet removed it, sentencing Kira to life time of dry eye.

Then Tira's shoulder luxated and it turned out that both of her shoulders were unstable. She had surgery on the worse shoulder and another surgery was in her future.

Then, a congenital deformity in her spine led to an intervertebral disc prolapse which left her unable to use her back legs. With treatment she regained some mobility but never fully recovered.

Seizures were next on the menu. During diagnostics it was discovered that her liver was too small for her body and when it couldn't keep up with the workload, the accumulated toxins resulted in seizures.

On top of all that, Tira suffered with frequent urinary infections.

Tira was brought to a holistic vet to see whether there was some way to help her out, particularly with the seizures.

Tira was put on liver support to assist detoxification. She was also put on a novel protein raw food, antioxidant rich diet.

The sad state of Tira's musculoskeletal system also needed to be addressed. Additionally to the abnormalities, she was suffering from results of major compensation. Tira was started on physical therapy, chiropractic care, laser therapy, acupuncture and supplements.

Tira responded to the protocol well.

Her seizures went away. She responded well to the physical therapy and her quality of life improved dramatically.

Full story:
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