Science Going Natural: Pain Relief For Dogs With Arthritis

The University of Montreal's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has developed a natural supplement to relieve arthritis in dogs.

Curcumin, devil's claw, black current, willow bark ... sounds familiar?

They came up with two concoctions, one to treat arthritis-induced inflammation and the other to promote regeneration.

The trial involved 32 dogs, half of which received the treatment and half received placebo. The outcomes were monitored in three ways:
  • dogs being filmed as they walked at a consistent speed over a special platform that captures the strength of each paw
  • electronic collar recording dogs' daily activity
  • owner feedback
Treated dogs showed improvement by the fourth week of the trial.

Source article:
Pain relief for dogs with arthritis: new natural supplement may have implications for humans too
New natural supplement relieves canine arthritis


  1. We have some for our dogs. Sydney really needs it; she pulled a muscle on Thursday and is just now feeling better. It's also an ingredient in our joint supplement.

    1. Sorry Sydney hurt her muscle! Yeah, we have some turmeric here too, just in case. So far everybody's doing well.

      I like to see science working with these things. Natural can be effective.

  2. Nice to know about natural supplements. Too many dog drugs make me nervous.


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